Spring Summer 2019 Trends Vol.1

Shredded pleats

Pleated skirts have been with us for a while. You see them everywhere; On the catwalks, on the street, online, so consumers have not yet done with them. How do you invent the best seller? Easy: chop, play with asymmetry and bite a piece of Raf’s bowels. Very wisely, ‘Jaws’ thinks this season is an inspiration for him.

Extreme Asymmetry

We are not talking high low shapes here but off-kilter, almost surreal ones. For an easier introduction to this special trend check Marras’ skirt.

Button-down skirts

Longer length a-line skirts with a 70s nod can be a winning shape for this season, as it is suitable for different types of consumers. I must mention here, that it is unfortunate how Petar Petrov has not yet become a bigger brand.


Cargo anything is on trend next summer. This trend is not necessarily a ‘younger’ one that can only work with miniskirts. It can also work really well on a longer length skirt as long as volume is controlled.

On the side

How many times have I used the word ‘frills’ in my SS19 overviews? It is a rhetorical question, no need to count. I do like this though, frills on the side of skirts or frills sexily rising those hems.

Side dragging

Another one of my favourites this season: “volume dragging”. That means an excess fabric or a design-detail concentrating on one side of the skirt visually “pulling” it down to the side.


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